Monthly Archives February 2009

32 Len Edgerly

News – Much ado about open standards. Tech Tip – Where oh where did the articles list go on Kindle 2?  Mary McManus saves the day. Interview – My wife Darlene asks me some great questions about the Kindle 2, submitted by members of the Kindle Chronicles Email Alert List. Quote – From Stephen Windwalker’s […]

31 Ian Freed

News – Whispernet is coming to Casper and Fairbanks, but not for Kindle 1’s; and why, if you are planning to sell your Kindle 1 you might want to do it sooner rather than later. Tech Tip – Creating and Using Folders on a Kindle by Anonymous. Interview – Ian Freed, Amazon’s vice president for […]

30 Joshua Topolsky

News – Stephen King’s tech review of the Kindle 2, why I’m not bothered by the missing SD card slot, and Lance Ulanoff’s best-of-show review of the Kindle 2. Tech Tip – Exploring the “Sort Options” while you wait for Amazon to bring a user-defined folders capability to the Kindle home page. Click here for […]

29 DeLancey Nicoll

News – Citigroup’s Internet analyst Mark Mahaney finds some real numbers that convincingly indicate Amazon sold 500,000 Kindles in 2008.   Joe Wikert of Kindleville is looking for someone to take over his blog who still believes in the Kindle.  Stephen Windwalker launches a new weekly newsletter, Kindle Nation . Tech Tip – Via Stephen Windwalker, […]