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With the help of podcast consultant Adam Weiss of Boston I have updated this site and improved the hosting and feed for my podcast.  You may see some duplicate episodes appear in your iTunes or other podcatching software if you are a subscriber.  If you experience any problems, please email me at PodChronicles AT Gmail DOT com.    –Len Edgerly

News – Kindle 2.0 launch may be delayed until March or April. Audio highlights of a sweet “Kindle Unboxing Video.”

Tech Tip – “Gee, it’s easy to make a screenshot!” How ALT-Shift-G can capture the image of a Kindle screen for use on your computer.  I used this tool to provide Neville Hobson, cohost of the For Immediate Release podcast, with screenshots of his blog, which is now available on the Kindle.

Interview – Podcasting pioneer Michael Geoghegan, founder and CEO of Gigavox Media in Newport Beach, California, talks about how the Kindle has changed his life and how he learned that his book, Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Audio and Video Podcasting – Second Edition , is available in Kindle edition. Our telephone interview was recorded on January 12, 2009.  Here are some of the books on Michael’s Kindle: Hoax by Clifford Irving, Don’t Bring Ayn Rand to a Gunfight – This Advice Might Save Your Life! by Greg Perry, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett, Point of Impact by Steven Hunter, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and War and Peace by Leon Tolstoy.  Michael founded the Grape Radio podcast and continues to produce the Disneyland podcast, as well as his own Reel Reviews podcast.

Kindle Quote – from the Word Strumpet blog by Charlotte Rains Dixon of Portland, Oregon.

Comments – from Pam, Marcy McKenzie, Delores Martin, Linda Mott, Ashley Gil, Anna T., Billie Bogart, and Greg Vann.

Next week’s guest -Mark S. Mahaney, Director of Internet Research at Citigroup Investment Research.  Mark is an top financial analyst whose sales estimates for the Kindle have been widely quoted in the media.  (Note: I did not identify Mark by name in the podcast itself, because when I recorded it last night we were still working on scheduling the telephone interview. It’s now set for Tuesday afternoon on January 20th.)

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Comments 2

  1. Bob Cope wrote:

    Atlas Shrugged IS available for pdf download.
    A Googgle search for “Atlas Shrugged e-book”
    will get it fast at several sites……It converted fine to my kindle and, for the heck of it, I sent it to Amazon for conversion and that came through just slightly better formatted. You might want to pass this on to Mike Goeghegan…..

    Posted 17 Jan 2009 at 10:47 pm
  2. Pam wrote:

    Hi Len,
    I enjoyed your latest podcast and am happy to report I have already spent your $10 gift certificate plus quite a bit more. One of the books I purchased was The Kite Runner, which I already own and read in paper, but felt the need to buy it in Kindle form. I have found I cannot read paper books anymore. Is this common? I look at my favorite books on my bookshelves and wonder how much it’s going to cost to get them all in Kindle format. There should be a 10 step program for people like me.
    Thanks again.

    Posted 21 Jan 2009 at 2:20 pm