Monthly Archives November 2008

19 Linda Hopkins

News: The Kindle is sold out just in time for Christmas.  Will the one I ordered today turn out to be a Kindle 2.0? Should Amazon say so? Also, a secret New York Times memo reports more than 10,000 Kindle NYT subscriptions (thanks to Abhi for the tip), and Kindle NowNow is GoneGone. Tech Tip: […]

18 Sriram K. Peruvemba

News – In a TechFlash Q&A, Ian Freed says no to video on the Kindle. Tech Tip -Igor Skochinsky’s motherload of Kindle tech stuff. Interview – Sriram K. Peruvemba, Vice President of Marketing at E Ink Corporation, interviewed at the company’s headquarters in Cambridge, Mass.  The audio podcast contains excerpts of our conversation, and this […]

17 Jason Pontin

News: Thanks to listener Linda Hopkins, we learn from Amazon that Kindle samples are NOT designed to timeout. Tech Tip: How to put 20,000 2,000 classics on your Kindle using MobileReference (thanks to Nick for suggesting this one) – 1.    Connect your Kindle to your computer with USB cable. 2.    In your computer’s web browser, […]

16 Darlene – II

News: Case of the disappearing Kindle Store sample, from Joe Wikert’s Kindleville blog. Tech Tip: From David Emberson’s Kindle Cookbook, a clever keyboard shortcut that zooms you through books 1/20th at a time. Interview: My wife’s opinion of her Kindle improves during her first month of use, despite her biggest fear coming true.  NOTE: If […]