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jan-thumbKindle News: Andy Ihnatko’s possibly prophetic piece in Macworld titled, “How Apple Could Make e-books work and why Steve Jobs could do what Jeff Bezos hasn’t.”

Tech Tip: How to put your Kindle on cruise control. (Hat tip to chelsea etitameh on the Kindle Korner Yahoo Group. )

The “What’s On Your Kindle?” Interview: Jan Zlendich of Tucson, Arizona, created The Kindle Reader blog while she waited for her Kindle to arrive last year. In our phone interview on September 3, 2008, she gives a librarian’s literate view of the Kindle. Among the items on her 55 pages of Home screen are the following: Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar…: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes by Daniel Klein, “Shade” a short story by Stephen Gould available for free download in Kindle format (Mobipocket) from Tor, Reading the OED: One Man, One Year, 2,730 Pages by Ammon Shea, and subscriptions to Time, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and the blog TVNewser .

Kindle Quote: from The Nigger of Narcissus by Joseph Conrad, a free download from Feedbooks. Beginning at Locations 409-14.

Kindle Comments by Bruce Kessel (who linked to NYT story putting end to rumor of new Kindle this year), dorianN and Patricia Hawn.

Music for my podcast is “Ra-Monk” by Eval Manigat on the “Variations in Time: A Jazz Perspective” CD by Public Transit Recording, courtesy of IODA Promonet.

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