Monthly Archives September 2008

10 Jim Cheshire

Kindle News: Amazon passes a milestone with 180,000 titles available in the Kindle Store. Tech Tip: A light for reading your Kindle in bed when your spouse is trying to sleep. Interview: Jim Cheshire, author of Decoding the Kindle. Kindle Quote: from Spirit House, a Vincent Calvino Novel by Christopher G. Moore. Kindle Comments: audio […]

9 Andy Ihnatko

Kindle News: Forbes reports on two more would-be Kindle Killers from Plastic Logic and iRex Technologies. Tech Tip: My 79-year-old mother’s clever idea for printing a Kindle page didn’t pan out, but I did learn about the expanded location tool from Jim Cheshire‘s new book, Decoding the Kindle. Interview: Andy Ihnatko, technology columnist for the […]

8 Heather Hollick

Kindle News: Kindle snags exclusive for new biographies of Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain.  Jim Cheshire’s Decoding the Kindle is released. Tech Tip: How to highlight a section of text which begins on one screen and ends on the next. Also, Jan Zlendich’s tip for helping your Kindle make it home if you leave it […]

7 Jan Zlendich

Kindle News: Andy Ihnatko’s possibly prophetic piece in Macworld titled, “How Apple Could Make e-books work and why Steve Jobs could do what Jeff Bezos hasn’t.” Tech Tip: How to put your Kindle on cruise control. (Hat tip to chelsea etitameh on the Kindle Korner Yahoo Group. ) The “What’s On Your Kindle?” Interview: Jan […]