Monthly Archives August 2008

6 Randal Schwartz

Kindle News: We have fresh rumors of new student-oriented Kindle models coming as soon as September from Andrea James of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Peter Burrows of Business Week’s The Tech Beat.  This led John C. Dvorak to increase the warmth of his Kindle assessment compared with his initial scoffing on This Week in Tech […]

5 Joe Wikert

The “What’s on Your Kindle?” interview this week is with Joe Wikert, creator of the Kindleville blog and vice president & executive publisher within the Professional Trade Division of John Wiley & Sons.  Here is some of what’s on Joe’s Kindle: Subscriptions to The New York Times and Time Magazine Samples of Predictably Irrational, Obsessive […]

4 Bill Bulger

This week’s “What’s on Your Kindle?” Interview is with Bill Bulger, 74, a legendary Massachusetts politician from South Boston who served 17 years as president of the state Senate and 7 years as president of the University of Massachusetts.  We visited at his home, and afterward his wife, Mary, revealed exactly why she bought her […]

3 Stephen Windwalker

Kindle News: Electronic newspaper readers in Germany and France, as well Dave Lester’s Treeless Systems project in Denver that I profiled in a podcast two years ago. A rosy view of the Kindle’s future sales and one not so rosy. One thing NOT to do with your Kindle. A Free Webinar, “Leveraging the Kindle – […]

2 C. C. Chapman

The “What’s on Your Kindle?” Interview: A telephone conversation with C.C. Chapman, who runs a digital marketing company called The Advance Guard and is host of the Accident Hash, Managing the Gray and U-Turn Cafe podcasts.  His informative comments include how he uses the Kindle to inspire him onward in writing a current manuscript.  What’s […]